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Welcome to the asylum.

I have a serious problem.  I love to do nothing.  I am a Procrastinator with a capital ‘P’.  I procrastinate like it’s my JOB*.  On the flip side, I also really, really like to make shit.  These two sides to my personality lead to this:

I made this as a reminder to myself.

I made this as a reminder to myself.

And also this, which you may recognize from a previous post:


What we have here, collectively, is 2 quilts ready to be quilted and bound, 2 quilt tops that need backs and batting cut, 2 sets of pieces for quilts waiting to be assembled, a toddler dress so close to being finished it’s not funny, 2 wall hanging embroideries, everything for a corkboard project, 1 large pencil drawing that has been half finished for almost a DECADE, and my inspiration pieces for this year’s Desert Bus for Hope auction submission.  Not pictured, is one more quilt that needs to be quilted and bound and a small chair that is painted and ready to be upholstered.

Like I said, I have a problem.  BUT.  I have decided that this ridiculousness has reached epic proportions and CANNOT be allowed to get worse.  So, my goal for the remainder of this year is to not take on or begin any new projects until this lot is done.  That gives me almost six months.  The only project with a time restriction is my submission for Desert Bus** (for the kids!), so that will be what I concentrate on first.  The embroideries I can work on while I watch OITNB or Supernatural, so I should have some simultaneous finishes.

In addition to the crafty goodness, I’m also hosting a 60 day fitness challenge based on Hero’s Journey 2.0.  Details of the program we’re following can be found here.  A group of friends and I will be exercising our way to being fitter, healthier humans with a little bit of geeky role playing fun thrown in for interest.

Perhaps having all of that going on at once is asking a little much of myself given my tendency to do nothing at all, if given the choice.  I figure the more I make a plan to do, the better chance I have of actually getting some of it done.  Right?

* I wish it was my job.  Having to focus on actual work 5 days a week hurts my lazy brain.  No wonder I’m so dang tired!

** If you’re a maker/crafter/Sorcerer of Awesome, there is still time to submit a craft idea for Desert Bus!   Submissions close on the 20th of July.



Talkin’ ’bout my motivation

Because it’s the worst, let’s talk about fitness.  Specifically, my fitness goals.  As I mentioned in my New Year’s post, I’m biting off small fitness goal chunks (but not after 8pm because remember?  No eating after 8).

I have gone out running twice since my last post, and will do so again this evening.  Winter is actually the perfect time for me to get back into a running habit – I love running in the cold.  Not so much in the summer so that is going to be something I have to work on when the weather warms up.  I may have to look at doing more strength training or taking some fitness classes at my local community center (bless them and their air conditioned gym!) during the late spring/summer months to make up for the decrease in running.

In addition to the running, I’m going to set up a schedule for myself for doing some at-home work outs that involve using my own body weight.  There are a boat load of work outs of various length and difficulty on Pinterest and I’ve been filling up my fitness board (<- click the link if you want to check it out).

Now for the dirty truth – my fitness goals aren’t entirely based on a burning desire to be healthier and have more energy, although those things are a factor.  For this year, at least, my goal is to lose weight.  I’m currently at a size 16 (Canadian sizes) and while that number doesn’t really bother me, it does bother me that I have a collection of rad t-shirts that I no longer fit into.  I’d blame my boobs but let’s face it – the back fat is doing me no favours either.  As inspiration and motivation for myself, I’ve dug out those shirts and they’ll be hanging in my closet just waiting for the day when they slide easily over my body and don’t hug any muffin top.  I know, I know, the ‘experts’ don’t recommend holding onto clothes that no longer fit but to them I say ‘Pfffffft.  What do you know?’  Who wouldn’t be encouraged to lose weight knowing that this gem was waiting for them:

2015-01-11 14.36.36