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Well, waffle cloth, at least.


I had bought a few meters of this rather non-descript light brown waffle cloth a few months back and my intention was to make tea towels from it.  It’s the perfect kind of material for that purpose and, honestly, I’m not really sure what else you’d use it for other than place mats.  I have seen it used to make bathrobes but you’d need a heavier gauge cloth for that (and a much more appealing colour, too!)


However, for my purposes, the colour doesn’t really matter.  Using white cloths in our kitchen is asking for trouble so the brown is doubly useful.  Honestly, we’re not filthy but….cats.  And toddler.

If you’re wanting to make few of these yourself, they really couldn’t be more simple.  Cut the waffle cloth to the size you want your tea towel, adding a quarter to a half inch.  You could be fancy and double fold the edges (hence, the half inch extra), or if you don’t care about appearances, you can just fold over a quarter inch and sew so that the edges don’t fray.  That’s the easy road I took.  I mean, come on.  They’re tea towels.  Ours won’t be for show so I wasn’t going to go overboard on the finishing.


For mine, I cut the waffle cloth to 18.5 x 25.5. Then I picked out a few prints from my stash and cut a 5 inch strip the width of the towel from each print.  I pressed about a quarter inch under on each long edge of the strip, then I positioned the strip about 5 inches from the bottom of the towel.  A few pins here and there and then I sewed.  Since I was making these for myself, and wasn’t being too precious about how they turned out (seriously, they’re towels), I decided to use a few of the decorative stitches on my machine.  I’m really a straight stitch kind of girl but it was fun to see what my machine could doSo, experiment and have fun with it.  Theses really shouldn’t cost very much to make so if they’re less than perfect you can call it a learning experience.


If I use the rest of the cloth for place mats I’ll definitely add a binding to the edges.  I’ve never sewn with waffle cloth before but I knew it wasn’t going to behave like my usual quilting cottons.  Let me tell you, stretch is a bit crazy on this stuff and yeah, some of my towel edges are a bit wavy to say the least.  However, I think they’ll straighten out a bit in the wash.  Again, not too worried because they’re just going to be wiping up who-knows-what in the kitchen.

For a couple of hours work (with a few breaks thrown in) I now have 4 new tea towels and cute ones to boot.  Added bonus, I get to throw out 4 old towels that have seen better days.


That didn’t take long…

Just over a month since my last post and while I have no ‘after’ photos of my craft space for you (it’s still a mess), I can tell you that we found a house!

We have a bit of work to do before we can move in so we probably won’t be living there until some time in September (oh, and I guess we should wait for our closing date at the end of August).  We have lots of plans already for both the inside and the outside spaces – we’re going to have to pace ourselves.

There’s a small sun-room at the back of the house that I think will become my new craft space.  Almost the same as what I’m currently using but slightly bigger.  Right now it’s painted a very bright blue, which I don’t mind, but will probably change so that I can really put my own stamp on it.

Hopefully, you won’t mind if I ramble on about home decor and DIY’s in the coming months.  I’ve been waiting a long time to get the chance to decorate a space that is truly my own – I am beyond excited!

BUT, in equally exciting, yet more rapidly approaching news, my baby girl is going to be ONE on Sunday.  How the hell….where did the time go??  We’re having a small, casual gathering of people – a bbq, some beer and a cake for the Kid to smoosh around as she pleases.  The weather has been great so hopefully it hangs in there for another few days.  Having recently returned to work, I’ve failed miserably in the crafty mum stakes.  I’m going to try to get a couple of things made for Sunday.  If I’m successful, photos will follow.  If not, well…I’ll find some pictures of cats to post instead.

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